.: Aniava :. Pumpkin Hunting

Dates: October 16, 2016 (Sun) ~ October 31st, 2016 (Mon)

  1. Grab your free hud from clicking the how to hunt poster
  2. Wear the hud
  3. Click the floating pumpkins around the sim
  4. There are some pumpkins with faces that are worth more and some that will subtract from your total
  5. The regular pumpkins are worth 1 point and the boss varies in points
  6. The hud will display how many points you have
  7. Each prize needs a certain number of points to get which is displayed near the prize
  8. After you have enough points click on the point board in front of any prize to get it

Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Munch/154/32/23

There is also some Halloween themed items for sale here and a coupla gacha.


Love Soul Halloween Mini-Mania’s

These are not new items, if you’ve been a long time shopper @ Love Soul, but if you have never been or haven’t been in a long time you’ll wanna go and try to win these adorable Halloween items.

If you don’t know what a mini-mania is, its a board that requires so many unique clicks before it randomly selects someone who clicked the board as a winner. That winner will get whatever is pictured on the board.

You can only click once until it has reached max clicks.

After a winner is selected and the counter is reset you can go click again.

These will only be out for a limited time so be quick in your clicks😀



Dia De Los Halloween Hunt


.::Kakurenbo::. Store / .:: is having a small 1l Halloween themed hunt in their main store and on their marketplace store.

Look for the above image on the marketplace and buy to get your prizes and in the main store you are looking for a small orange cube.

The hint for the main store is Anime Books.

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/138883

In-World: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Agathias/37/53/22

Prize Previews: http://secondlifeanime.blogspot.com/2016/09/dia-de-los-halloween-hunt.html#!/

GUARAN-DOU Halloween mini HUNT + Market

There is a small market here and a free mini Halloween hunt.

How to hunt:

  1. Grab your free hunt hud from the witches cauldron and attach it
  2. Search in the dark forest and sweets forest for the materials a witch would use (you can find the tp to these areas in the area where you get hud)
  3. Click the left handle on the cauldron on the hud to get hints for all the items
  4. There are 12 total items to find – 5 in the dark forest and 7 in the sweets forest
  5. Click when you find one of the materials to add it to your hud (you can only get each material once per hud)
  6. Some of the materials you encounter will be fakes (you can check local chat to see if its a fake or not and if you picked it already)
  7. Once you find all of the items, head back to the the witch and click any of the prizes to obtain them
  8. Each prize needs 3 materials
  9. Hunt Dates: October 11th – November 5th
  10. Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clover/240/29/3002


Hunt Prizes









Halloween Hunt @ Snow White


The Japanese skin and clothing store Snow White is having a store-wide mini-hunt for the month of October. There are four tiny pumpkins hidden in the store and the surrounding area (including the little house next to the store). Buy them for $L0 each to get a full witch outfit, a preview of which is shown on the store blog.


For hints about where to find these tiny pumpkins, head inside the store and click on the hunt sign to get a notecard. (Don’t worry, the hints are in English!)

Happy Hunting!

~ Nadjanator

The Nightmare Event 2016

The Nightmare Event features a Halloween themed market and a hunt thru different phobias. You can get free prizes if you find all 25 teeth (pictured below) in various rooms.

teethme key

Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolfs%20Wood/113/128/252

To hunt:

  1. Click on the teleport to the walk through
  2. Click on the door to get your hud and then wear it and accept permissions
  3. Grab a flashlight from the other door to help you see
  4. You will want to make sure you have descripted as much as possible and have a simple avatar, as this is a very lag infested hunt and it can take a long time to rez things
  5. Click on the black sign to tp to your first room
  6. Your hud will display how many teeth you have found
  7. There are also five keys to find which will allow you to enter into the various phobia rooms
  8. Each door will have a key on it showing you which one you will need in order to go through
  9. Once you see a tooth get near it and touch it to collect it
  10. Watch out for the spirits tho as they can kill you and you’ll have to start over from your last point of life
  11. You will encounter different characters make sure you do not hit ignore when responding to them or you may have to start over
  12. Some of the npc characters will require you to answer questions so make sure you read everything they say and answer accordingly
  13. Once you find all 25, you can go back up to the market by clicking the door that will then say you survived at the end
  14. Go to each stall and click on the gift in the coffin to get your gift
  15. If you didn’t find all the teeth your first go around when you reach the end door you can tp back to start of the maze and do it again


Pumpkin of Panic – Trick or Treat Hunt


The Pumpkin of Panic event is officially open!

For a complete bilingual (English and Japanese) guide to the hunt, see my blog here.

In short, the hunt consists of knocking on doors that are adjacent to each shop stall. Trick or treat at the SIM every day to collect all of the hunt prizes!

  1. Each day (beginning at 9 am SLT), only a certain number of those doors (typically two) will open. The prizes are free for that day only. If you miss getting a day’s door have no fear, you can purchase them the next day for 50l.
  2. When the door opens, a text input box will appear via script in the upper right corner of your screen. Enter “trick or treat” into the box to get your prize.
  3. There are tons of shop stalls (three levels of them, to be exact), so knocking on all of the doors every day isn’t an efficient strategy. Fortunately, the event creators are kind enough to offer hints about which doors to knock. These hints can be found around the SIM.
  4. In the example below (which is for October 1st), the posters indicate that you should knock on two doors:
    • One of these doors belongs to a shop that “is lined,” that has decorative ghosts, and that sells pumpkin carriages.
    • The other door belongs to a shop that has a Japanese decoration motif, sells hair, and sells its wares in delicious looking boxes.


Happy Hunting!

– Nadjanator