The Rachelbreaker sim has a fun game/event/treasure hunt type thing going on. Not sure how long its been going on, since I don’t frequent the store but came across it today and thought I’d share. So basically pick up a free shovel and dig around the sim, get stars with numbers on them, do quests, and boink coin blocks to earn r bucks which in turn you can then cash in for prizes!

There are prizes for males and females to enjoy!

Click the terminal when you land to get your free shovel. There is also a vacuum to get ghosts but that’s only for the Halloween event!


Free Mesh Anime Avatars

Came across these two cute girl mesh anime avatars and they are completely free! You can’t really change the clothes but you could potentially use the head on another body and the hair as well.

Either way if you’re in the mood for a completely dressed avatar to change it up these are the way to go!

The heads also come with a hud to change the facial expressions and the eye/hair color!



Optimistic Playlist Hunt


Tribute City Relayers & Be Hunted Presents….

Optimistic Playlist Hunt
(Keeping spirits high until we find a cure)

♥Start: Mar. 15
♥ Ending: Apr. 5
♥ Hunt: $3L

Theme: The Optimist playlist:
Artist: Colbie Caillat
Song: Bubbly
Video reference:

Draw inspiration from video. Take note of colors, decor, poses/animations, apparel, jewelry, shoes,  lyrics…

All items are welcomed but please no Adult creations, let your creativity fly!

– Item must be new!
– Can be male, female, both or unisex, the choice is yours.
– 100% profits to Relay for Life

[Apply Online Here] –

Questions, Comments or Concerns, contact Earth Nirvana

Falling Stars Hunt

This hunt is a sim hunt with the prizes all being poses.

Hunt object – star shaped object
Red ★ female single pose
Blue ★ male single pose
Yellow ★ couple or friend pose

●Espoir 51 POSES in the hidden 48 STARS
●Kreuz   3 POSES in the hidden 3 STARS
●+:::+Natural+:::+ 46 POSES in the hidden 40 STARS

That means, 100 POSES in TOTAL, and 85 STARS to find in TOTAL among the 3 stores!

Dates: 2015.1.23~2015.1.31 (START – 16:00 JST / 1.24 11PM PST)

Hunt area – All stars are located on the ground level with some stars hidden inside each store.