MadPea Advent Calendar

MadPea sim is having its first ever Advent Calendar featuring 25 top notch sl designers.

Each day a different designer will be giving an exclusive gift.

The advent calendar costs 1000l, and can be purchased any day during the month.

You can get past day’s gifts, but future gifts will only be available on that day.

All gifts are either unisex or one for males and one for females.

You can also gift the calendar to a friend.

The calendar comes in a hud version and a decor one for your home.

Check out the website daily to see what that day’s gift is/was.


Buy Calendar:

Foxes Free Masks


These are old, but very worth getting if you never did before. There are masks for males and females.

The free alpha thing doesn’t seem to be working if you’re not in the vip group, but the heads are big enough to work with any other hide head alpha you own.

Just click the cauldron to get your free mask. You can keep clicking till you get all the ones you want.


Alice Project


In anticipation of Halloween, Alice Project is having their annual Halloween Massacre Special, where you can grab a free blood-splattered hairstyle with three color packs every day through Halloween. Each hairstyle is free for one day only; if you want to pick up a hairstyle from a past date, it will cost you L$50 (which is a small price to pay for three color packs).

New hairstyles are added at roughly noon SLT.


– Nadjanator

Hocus Pocus Hunt

Dates:  Oct 24th – Nov 4th


Say ‘hocus pocus’ in local chat (without quotation marks) for a chance to win Hocus Pocus 2016 prizes for free!

One chance per avatar, per 24 hours. Or, you can buy the item for 50l.

Use the hud to see previews of all the prizes you can win and to get landmarks to all the stores participating.

The landmarks will appear in local chat and you will need to click the white circle to see the picture of the prize that store is giving/selling.


.: Aniava :. Pumpkin Hunting

Dates: October 16, 2016 (Sun) ~ October 31st, 2016 (Mon)

  1. Grab your free hud from clicking the how to hunt poster
  2. Wear the hud
  3. Click the floating pumpkins around the sim
  4. There are some pumpkins with faces that are worth more and some that will subtract from your total
  5. The regular pumpkins are worth 1 point and the boss varies in points
  6. The hud will display how many points you have
  7. Each prize needs a certain number of points to get which is displayed near the prize
  8. After you have enough points click on the point board in front of any prize to get it


There is also some Halloween themed items for sale here and a coupla gacha.


Love Soul Halloween Mini-Mania’s

These are not new items, if you’ve been a long time shopper @ Love Soul, but if you have never been or haven’t been in a long time you’ll wanna go and try to win these adorable Halloween items.

If you don’t know what a mini-mania is, its a board that requires so many unique clicks before it randomly selects someone who clicked the board as a winner. That winner will get whatever is pictured on the board.

You can only click once until it has reached max clicks.

After a winner is selected and the counter is reset you can go click again.

These will only be out for a limited time so be quick in your clicks😀



Dia De Los Halloween Hunt


.::Kakurenbo::. Store / .:: is having a small 1l Halloween themed hunt in their main store and on their marketplace store.

Look for the above image on the marketplace and buy to get your prizes and in the main store you are looking for a small orange cube.

The hint for the main store is Anime Books.



Prize Previews:!/