Bare Rose Anniversary Hunt


The Japanese superstore Bare Rose is celebrating its 11-year anniversary on Second Life with a small hunt! (September 12th – October 2nd) Navigate through the mystical tale of Daidarabotchi to collect all of the items that make up this outfit:


Once you finish the hunt, there’s a small additional hunt to get this prize:


To get started, click on the hunt sign here, and you’ll be given a notecard with the Prologue and a landmark for the first prize location. Happy hunting!

~ Nadjanator


Kiyomizu Autumn 2016 Hunt




Hunt out the cats pictured above, and click to get your free gifts. You will need to be close to them in order to receive your gifts.

Also make sure to only hunt stores that have this banner pictured above in their front entrance, and also some stores will have their gifts hidden inside their main store. You can get the lm by clicking the banner.



Today marks the start of the POTETO Summer Festival, where you can pick up a bunch of awesome gifts and potentially make some lindens. Be sure to check out the event as soon as possible, because it lasts one day only (or at least the DJ events and the linden giveaways do).

You can find the official post about the event in Japanese and English here, a preview of all the free gifts here, and a promotional video here.

Before you teleport into the SIM, you’ll want to lower your script count as much as possible by removing AOs, HUDs, and scripted items. Because the event is one day only, the region is packed with people clamoring to get lindens.

Once you arrive at the SIM, walk up the stairs and head toward the giant festival stall. Join the free POTETO group (called “Betty Box”) by clicking on one of the the group joiners positioned on the bottom of the stall. Alternately, you can just enter this SLURL into group chat: secondlife:///app/group/a5e4cb34-1172-d255-62ac-1f426fa679b2/about

The gifts are located near the top of the festival stall, where the DJ booth is. You don’t need to be in the group to get the gifts, but you do to get the free lindens.


A total of $L20,000 is being given away through lucky boards and chat camps. There are four lucky boards that give away L$10 each and refresh every two minutes. To be eligible for the chat prize camps, you need to be withing 20 meters of the festival stall and be actively chatting Nearby Chat. Every minute, the camper will randomly give away $L10 to a chatter, and every 20 minutes, the camper will randomly give away a whopping $L500.

Nearby the festival stall is a diner with dozens of lucky boards featuring really cool items, including an animated PT-10 droid that follows you around! You need to wear your group tag to claim the prizes, but unlike the other stuff in this event, these lucky boards are permanent, so feel free to come back after the event is over.


Teleport to POTETO:

– Nadjanator


Hello, there! My name is Nadjanator, and Mikayla Ares has very graciously invited me to collaborate with her on this blog, which I’ve been following for years.

A little while back, Mikayla posted a guide to the Misaki Fes hunt. I’ve been running through the event myself and have compiled a more detailed guide, which you can find on my blog here:

It contains information about how to get the grand prizes for the event.




How To:

  1. go to the sim and click the floating hunt banner box to join the group
  2. join the group, and activate it (it’s free)
  3. go here to see all the stores participating, get tps to their locations and to see teaser pics of the prizes
  4. find the animal below in each of the participating stores and click it to get your free gift
  5. koret20hunt202016summer

MISAKI Festival

There is a small market here with some freebies, lucky boards, gacha and a small hunt:

  1. Click either beige vending machine to get a hud and then wear it
  2. Go down into the subway and walk through the ticket gate to get your first stamp
  3. Ride the train or click on the blue teleport pad to get to the market area
  4. Go through the ticket gates to get another stamp
  5. Then you will want to wander around and find and click on the various human and cat npc you see to get a numbered stamp on your hud
  6. Once your hud is filled go to the prize exchange room and sit and then click the lady after 20 seconds to get a random prize
  7. There are 20 different prizes to get and you will need to get a new hud once you’ve gotten a prize and repeat the process before you can get another
  8. Also each person will give you a different number which will give you a different prize





UBUME Horror Game


Get the free UBUME starter kit:

Start Point:

Prologue in Japanese:

Prologue in English: