Bunny goes to Pulcino

Oh my my! Wittwe paws can take yous to varioush plashesh!

Today I’sh going to show yous a pleashant shop called Pulcino!

Which ish full of manicuresh for wittwe ladies shuch ash me! You can finsh a biiiig choishe of glove and prim nailsh with varied prishesh, which shtart from 5L$ and reach 100L$, but mosht of the productsh cosht lesh than 60L$!

But Piyogorou Aichi ish alsho very generoush and you will finsh a ton of freebiesh and cheapiesh!

Tish hard to deshide how to shtart! But the biggesht attracshon would be the four Lucky Boardsh, one of whish hash a few prishesh! The time shpan on each ish 10 minutesh, but they all like the “?” letter a lots! Beshidesh, if you are in a hurry, you can purchashe the nailsh right below the boardsh just for 50L$ eash.

Then we hash shum ultra cheap gatchash with glove nailsh! The gatchash cosht 1L$, 2:$ and 5L$. Tish a lovely bargain!

We alsho hash shum freebiesh! If you look to the rightsh of the Lucky Boardsh, you will finsh a Subshcribe-o with two freebiesh below with colourful nail shetsh! And if you shtay in the gatcha area, you can have a look at the eyesh on the wall to the leftsh. You will shee two vendorsh with free eye coloursh completely free!

I hopesh you enjoyed tish wittwe preshentashon of Pulcino ash much as I liked being heresh, shtalking the boardsh :3



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