Bunny visits Earth

Today, I shlept on a couch in a cute shtore, and I deshided to ekshplore it before going on another joorney.

Earth’s Bangles ish a warm and modesht shtore which hidesh itsh wittwe treashures in a shecluded and peasheful shpot that I’sh besshoted with! Shince I like modesht plashesh, I thoughtsh I’sh immediately share it ❤

Earth hash a variety of deshigns! She doeshn’t shtop on regular heartsh and flowersh that can be found in jewelsh. She hash bottlesh, floppy dishcsh, feathersh… Sho the goodiesh can fit every tashte.

Pssht! Almosht every jewellery shet offers a dollarbie colour! A shpecial colour that can be purchashed for a DOLLAR! Yay! Tish available only for the group membersh of BE HUNTED! Shoo can find the banner in the shtore 😀

The prishes in the shtore are (often more than) affordable and Earth keepsh her quality on the highesht levelsh at all timesh!



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