Curious Kitties Generous Fairy Service

Curious Kitties has set up another cool way to get exclusive limited freebies while shopping at the store.

The Generous Fairy Service is an event where you can get exclusive limited items from clicking on treasure chests carried by fairies.

There are different ranks of chests with different prizes. Gold, bronze and silver chests.

If you happen to encounter a fairy carrying a chest, click on it fast, to gain your prize!

To get started just teleport on over to the main store, and wait or walk around for the fairies to come to you. You can only get the gifts in the main store.

Sample of what the chests look like, some preview pic of some of the prizes and pic of what the fairies look like can all be found to the left of the landing point.

There is no set deadline at this point in time, to my knowledge, so hurry on down!

All the items you can get:

  1. *C:K* Present (Bear Head Doll – Cherry Pink)
  2. *C:K* Present (Fuzzy Orbs Hands)
  3. *C:K* Present (Elvish Mini Skirt)
  4. *C:K* Present (Funky Cute Monster Fur Kitty Ears)
  5. *C:K* Present (Golden Lemon Dolly Shoes)
  6. *C:K* Present (Little Insect Wings)
  7. *C:K* Present (Pink Coral Beads Necklace)
  8. *C:K* Present (Rainy Funky Cutie Bracelets)
  9. *C:K* Present (Short Black Socks)
  10. *C:K* Present (Steampunk Sakura Sandals)
  11. my lil secret gacha ticket
  12. pooflet golden elven dress
  13. daggersoul steampunk skirt
  14. lazy head kitty doll
  15. orange coral beads necklace
  16. red plaid nail polish
  17. cherry dragon boots
  18. marvelous rainbow chain necklace
  19. marvelous rainbow chain
  20. crazy dress
  21. rainy polkadot parasol
  22. sakura plaid dolly shoes
  23. punk plad bracelet
  24. punk plaid collar
  25. punk plaid legwarmers




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