Horror Night

YAY it’s that time again for Horror Night event. This sadly will be the last one the organizers will be holding for personal reasons šŸ˜¦

  1. It is not a traditional grid wide hunt, but more of a scavenger like hunt
  2. There is a story to follow
  3. There is a small market full of various items for sale
  4. Make sure your script count is under 2k as if it is not, you will not be able to enter
  5. To start the story, you’ll need to go to the end of the shopping area and walk past the black dude to fall down to the game area (click on the black dude with white mask to get instructions on how to play)
  6. You will need to find various items that the shopkeepers want and return them to them
  7. The shopkeepers are the little glowy spirits in green and orange. Green one is for English and orange for Japanese speakers.
  8. When a shop keeper gives you an item, wear it and then find another shop keeper that needs that item and click, rinse and repeat till all shop keepers have all the items needed
  9. Then wear the final item and head for the red tent
  10. There are 3 different endings with all different gifts
  11. For easy rentry to the tent, just grab a new mask and new last item
  12. Turn on your speakers/enable music for some awesome creepy cool sounds and set your windlight to midnight for optimal viewing pleasure

If any of this was confusing feel free to im me in world and I can help ya get started, as it can be tricky to follow šŸ˜€

Check out the blog for more info.



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