Curious Kitties Fishing

Curious Kitties is back with another event to gain free awesome prizes.

This time around its a fishing game.

Get a free fishing rod and wear it while sitting at select ponds throughout the sim.

When you get a bite, a dialog box will appear, click on an option and wait and then click on keep to claim your fish/prize.

Each fish you catch is worth so many points which can then be spent on various prizes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ Pond Fish Points ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[ Small Fish ] – 1 Point
[ Medium Fish ] – 2 Points
[ Large Fish ] – 3 Points
[ Rare Fish ] – 5 Points

There is also an enchanted pond, where the fish are worth way more points and the search pond prizes are way better too.

You have to buy special passes tho if you want to fish here.

~~~~~~~[ Enchanted Pond Fish Points ]~~~~~~~~~

[ Small CatFish ] – 5 Points
[ Medium CatFish ] – 10 Points
[ Large CatFish ] – 25 Points
[ Rare CatFish ] – 50 Points
[ Plaid Fish ] – 75 Points
[ Polkadot Fish ] – 100 Points
[ KissyLove Fish ] – 125 Points
[ RichChocolate Fish ] – 150 Points
[ Fuzzy Fish ] – 175 Points
[ Royal Fish ] – 200 Points

Here is the various passes you can purchase:

One minute pass (equivalent to 1 minutes) – L$100
Five minute pass (equivalent to 5 minutes) – L$400
10 Minute pass (equivalent to 10 minutes) – L$800
The 15th minute pass (equivalent to 15 minutes) – L$1000
30 Minute pass (equivalent to 30 minutes) – L$2000
60Th minute pass (equivalent to 60 minutes) – L$3000
90 Minute pass (the equivalent 90 minutes) – L$4000
120 Minutes pass (equivalent to 120 minutes) – L$5000

*NOTE* each pass you buy will only let you fish that many fish. So if you buy the 2k pass which is the 30 minutes, you don’t actually get to fish for 30 minutes you get to fish 30 fish then the pass expires and is no longer valid.

You will encounter a lot of duplicates to so be forewarned.

Also if you want to keep the fish as a souvenir, then make sure you wear them rather than drag them on the table then click on the button to transfer them to your card.

Also there is a short auto return and you can lose out on points if the card disappears before the points have been transferred, so its best to rez like 5 fish at a time and click the button and then rerez the card!

Make sure while picking up your rod to also pick up a points card which is located next to the rod, so you can redeem your fish for prizes.

Detailed instructions on how to redeem can be found above both the rod and point card so make sure to pick one up!



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