zilch mall gacha festival

The Zilch Mall is having a small gacha event featuring various designers.

It runs from now until September 8th.

There is also a fruit gathering game to get to exclusive prizes.

Visit each of these four sims: Aught, feast, JaZoo, Zilch and look for apples and grapes scattered throughout the sims.

When you’ve located an apple or grape, click it to get a nc containing a word.

There are 13 apple and 13 grape notecards to collect. (thanks spacecase for pointing this out)

When you’ve found them all a question will be formed by combining all the words in each nc.

Answer the questions given and find the secret location to say the phrases and then you will receive 2 prizes.

Since the final spot is pretty tricky, I’m gonna give ya a hint on where it’s located: to the sea in JaZoo.




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