bare rose mini hunt

Bare Rose is having a 7th year anniversary celebration with tons of events and shows going on as well as a mini hunt for a very cool steam punk outfit with rideable dragon. For all the latest info on the events take a look at the event board in the front of the store.

The hunt prize comes in male, female and petite fairy sizes, and the dragon comes in human and petite sizes with an ao.

The hunt lasts from now until September 1st.

Basically this hunt is like a story hunt.

Read the story and at the end will be a location to hunt in and a hint on what to find.

When you find the hidden item buy it for 0 lindens, and then look for a nc included to find your next plot in the story and next hunting location.

Rinse and repeat till you have the complete outfit and dragon.

There are 4 chapters in all to the story and also a bonus hunt to get matching boots.

This is a very short and easy hunt, and really fun to do!

P.S. You will need to be able to see mesh to do the hunt.

Chapter 1 : Workshop

For the special coal, you have an idea. Father once talked about a rare Crystal Coal that kept burning for a whole day with just a small piece of it, and found it in a mine in a mountain at the suburb of the village. It is a fishy story, but if it’s true, it would be the best coal to use for the wings. The mine was closed already, and there are rumors about some dangerous animals around there. But it was worth it to try.


Hint for Chapter 1: You are starting to get ready, and touch your head.
Oh, where did I put my goggles…?

[Please find your goggles]

Style Credits:

Avatar: < Yabusaka > Petite Mesh Avatar 2

Hair: *C:K* Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Baa V3 (free in fishing game)


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