The Halloween in RMK Gothic

The RMK Gothic SIM is having a Halloween game, taking place from 1st October until 31st October.

There are 19 stores participating:

  • ***Ambrosia***
  • AD Creations Doll House
  • nukunuku pocket
  • Lo*momo
  • :::Dimbula Rose:::
  • Down Down Down
  • :: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
  • World’s End Garden
  • Wretched Dollies
  • poche
  • WTG
  • Bubblez Design
  • Rotten Toe
  • +RokumeikaN+
  • +Theater Chain+

To play follow the below steps:

  1. To get started you will need to touch the book in the garden area to acquire your hud and starting gear.
  2. Wear everything in the folder you receive upon clicking the book.
  3. Then go on search for story tellers.
  4. All story tellers are alpha images and will have a floating text above stating their name.
  5. Once you have found a story teller, click it.
  6. Each story teller will require you to do some kind of game/task.
  7. Upon completion of the game/task you will receive 2 gifts.
  8. One gift is a piece to make up a skeleton avie and the other is just a regular gift.
  9. Story tellers are located all over the sim, so make sure to look everywhere and in all stores!
  10. Once you have found and completed all 19 story teller tasks you will be able to enter in the final game area.
  11. ATM there doesn’t appear to be anything in there but the blog says there is one final random gift you will get.
  12. Make sure you always have the main game hud worn while playing.
  13. Some of the tasks will require you to have a  friend, so be prepared 🙂

Check out the official flickr group for some pics of some of the prizes.





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