Ghost of Halloween Hunt

Taken directly from nc:

6 shops presents 3 sims wide Halloween special event
[Ghost of Halloween!!] is coming!!

Event Date : 20th – 31st October, 2012
START:JPT 0:00AM 20th October (PDT  8:00AM 19th October)

Place : 3 sims of AMERIE, Uwst, GREED
Shops Participating : AMERIE (13 prizes) / Honey Kitty (1 prize) / KAME (1 prize) / LikeA (7 prizes) / :SEY (7 prizes) / Uwst (13 prizes)

There are ghosts roaming around in AMERIE, Uwst and GREED sims.
Catch and click them to get treasures!
However, not all of ghosts have treasures. Some of them hold fake treasures.
And if you caught one of those fake holders….. hehehe.

☛Ghosts have unique characters each, some may run quickly, others will be
wandering from place to place. Also there are friendly one, whiny one…
Find them spread widely in 3 sims, and catch ghosts with treasures!!

P.S. Not all the ghosts associated with the store you are in will be in their store.



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