Tumble Kitty Game Mystery Key

Hey all, if you will remember not to long ago I told ya about the Curious Kitties Tumble Kitty game, where you pay 100l and hope your ball drops in the right box to get a black kittenz avatar and if you missed you got a mysterious key.

Well those keys you may have gotten can now be used to get even more prizes and 2 more different kittenz avatars!!

The more keys you use at once the better the chance of getting a big prize!

Grab some free gloves by the table and wear those then rez your keys on the table and click the box to get a random prize.

You can still pay the game 100l to try to win outright one of the kittenz avie or get more keys.

Not sure how long this will last so check it out when you can šŸ™‚

P.S. The table to rez the keys has been fixed and in honor of all the mess that was caused, there are even more prizes to win!! woot! (inspect the box on prize table to see all the prizes you can win)



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