Frost Fair 2012

Taken directly from the nc from banner at sim!

From December 1st  through December 31st, 2012

RMK Gothic SIM

In England during the Little Ice Age of the 17 century and 18 century, the Thames River froze. People took advantage of this usual event and created a shopping festival on the river called Frost Fair.

Inspired by this idea, we created a winter festival named the RMK Gothic Frost Fair. You can buy many new and limited products in the romantic Christmas atmosphere!

Come and join us, Let’s shop and skate!

Store List:
( Current participants are 25 stores, as of November 16th)

・:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
・World’s End Garden
・Wretched Dollies
・Down Down Down
・Bubblez Design
・Dark Midday Designs
・:::Dimbula Rose:::
・+SC+SugarCoat *Guest
・+:::+Natural+:::+  *Guest
・:NuDoLu: *Guest
・Fairy Tail *Guest
・SOUP *Guest
・La Petite fleur *Guest
・ Kyoko Couture *Guest
・+Theater Chain+


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