Limited Edition Holiday Generous Fairies

Curious Kitties has added special holiday prizes to their generous fairies!

All you have to do to get the free gifts is look around for treasure chests carried by fairies! When you find one click on it to get your gift.

Below is a list of all the items you can get, 9 being holiday themed and 11 being non holiday themed.

  1. *C:K* Present (Bound Stripe Holiday Dress – Green)
  2. *C:K* Present (Bound Stripe Holiday Dress – White)
  3. *C:K* Present (Candy Cane Ribbon Boots – Green)
  4. *C:K* Present (Candy Cane Ribbon Boots – Red)
  5. *C:K* Present (Candy Cane Ribbon Boots – White)
  6. *C:K* Present (Giant Minty Candy Cane)
  7. *C:K* Present (Giant Sweet Candy Cane)
  8. *C:K* Present (Snowflake Sailor Dress – Green & Red)
  9. *C:K* Present (Snowflake Sailor Dress – White)
  10. *C:K* Present (My Lil Secret Gacha Ticket x10)
  11. *C:K* Present (Pooflet Golden Elven Dress)
  12. *C:K* Present (Black Cherry Dragon Boots)
  13. *C:K* Present (marvelous rainbow chain)
  14. *C:K* Present (marvelous rainbow chain necklace)
  15. *C:K* Present (punk plaid collar)
  16. *C:K* Present (punk plaid bracelets)
  17. *C:K* Present (sakura plaid dolly shoes)
  18. *C:K* Present (punk plaid legwarmers)
  19. *C:K* Present (Rainy Polka Dot Parasol)
  20. *C:K* Present (Pooflet CRAZY Dress)

If anyone would like my nc with all this so you can check off what you got, just im me in world 😀



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