Curious Kitties Boxing Day Sale

Find items for 100l and mystery boxes with original one of a kind items for 100l at the boxing day sale at Curious Kitties.

If you don’t know what boxing day is here is a quick rundown:

The day after Christmas Day, December 26, is known as Boxing Day in Britain. It was also known as the Feast of St Stephen, when in olden days church alms-boxes were opened and the contents given to the poor. This custom turned into the giving of Christmas boxes, which were gifts of food, money or other items to household servants and then to public tradesmen, such as postmen and dustmen (garbage collectors).

In many parts of Britain these traditions live on, with gifts of food, clothing or money from local churches being given to the poor or needy, and many people still give small gifts to their favorite trades people.

Boxing Day is a public holiday in Britain. Banks and most shops are closed.

This will end once all the items have been purchased, so if you want something hurry and buy it now before its to late.



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