RMK Bunny Hunt is BACK!!!!!

Yes one of my most favorite events ever in sl and most hated is back.

If you have never done the RMK bunny hunt, nowse the perfect time to start.

All participating vendors have created special prizes limited to this hunt.

You need to hunt out a hopping small gray bunny rabbit that can be anywhere on the sim.

Once you find him keep sight of him till he drops a ticket, then quickly buy it and right click on it and select take. If you don’t you’ll lose it as they disappear fast.

Each ticket you get will allow you to get a prize from whatever store is on the ticket.

There is also a golden ticket you can be ever so lucky to find that will allow you a prize from ANY of the participating vendors.

There are 26 tickets to get in all and each one is transferable for easy trading!

Participating Stores:

To reedem your tickets, simply wear them and head on over to the store and look for the prize exchanger (small brownish book) and click on it to get your prize.

Hunt from now until the 31st of March.

May the odds be forever in your favor!

Official Website



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