Kawaii Fair

If you haven’t yet visited the Kawaii Fair, what are you waiting for?

In addition to loads of cute products for sale, gachas and exclusives there is a butttttttt load of FREEBIES and cheapies!!!

Also a little balloon hunt going on for free stuffed animals from Oceania Breedables.

There are samples of some of the animals rezzed in their store at the Kawaii Fair, for you to see what you can get!

To hunt all you have to do is grab a free balloon from the signs here and wear it.

Randomly a balloon will appear in your hand, and when it does simply click on it to pop it.

If you’re lucky the balloon will hold a prize if not you’ll have to wait and pop again when it reappears.

You can win the prizes from anywhere in sl, just have to be wearing the balloon.

There are octopi to win and whales with a few rares thrown in there and even a free group gift whale you can get from their main store here!

Get your kawaii on by taking the kawaii bus here!!

Fair lasts from April 12th to April 26th.


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