Let’s Play Catch

Curious Kitties has a new and very unique game out right now called pass the ball.

Basically you click and get a free golden ball and wear it and then you pass (transfer) that ball on to a friend who wears it and then in turn passes it on to one of their friends and so on till it’s been passed 10 times.

Then that person can redeem for a free pair of eyes or a complete bear set for everyone.

Option 1 is get a pair of color change eyes for you and 10 friends.

Option 2 is pay 10l and get a free pair of color change eyes and a birthday bear pack valued at 9350l.

The bear pack includes: unisex bear suit, unisex color change hud, unisex gloves and a female hairstyle.

The person who is redeeming will need to make sure they are holding the ball and it says passes made [10] above it before paying the sign to pick a prize.


p.s. if anyone needs a friend to help them out with this I’m available ;)! just im me in world 😀


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