Festival, Freebies, Gacha, Lucky Board

WA Kyouto

WA Kyouto is an event featuring Japanese creators selling traditional Japanese style products. There are also freebies, lucky boards and gachas.

List of Participating Stores:

  1. *pulcino*
  2. Sakka’s studio
  3. poche/miyu adder
  4. ::kDm::
  5. Candy Nail
  6. ++Twilight++
  7. *Chisa Creation*
  8. Le blanche glycine
  9. ::frog’s garden::
  10. **Love Drop**
  11. Mumu’s Shop *R&R*
  12. 1mm
  13. +:::+Natural+:::+
  14. **Bee Make**
  15. JPK
  16. ASO!
  17. * nonino *
  18. Zacca

This event lasts from June 1st to  June 30th.



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