RMK Gothic Halloween

The RMK sim has a fun Halloween game going on right now until October 31st.

This is taken from the official blog:

1) Listen to Jack’s story at the landing point, get the HUD and free costume.
2) Wear costume, and remove your AO, resize scripts, or other every kind of heavily scripted attachment.
3) Wear the HUD. You need to wear it to play the game.
4) You can see the “Rain” everywhere on the sim, it’s going to be ingredients for making sweets. Click one of these ingredient objects near you. They are small candies.
5) Check your HUD. You can now see the ingredient you clicked in your HUD menu.
6) Repeat two more times until you have all 3 ingredients for your recipe. The HUD will automatically “bake” the sweet treat you created. There are many different kinds of recipes. Keep trying to see what you can make! However, if you mix wrong ingredients you will get toxic treats.
7) Once a sweet is created (even a toxic one!), give it to one of the ghosts at the RMK Gothic SIM. If you give your treat to the correct ghost it will successfully clear from your HUD. Once the treat is cleared, you can make a new treat.
8) If you successfully give the “right sweet” to “right ghost,” you will win a prize ticket from that ghost. The tickets are dropped randomly.
9) The ghosts will have the word HUD above them.
10) After you manage to wrangle up a ticket, go to the store that corresponds to that ticket and click on their prize vendor whilst wearing the ticket to get the prize.
<Hints & Advice>
1) We have as many recipes as Ghosts.
2) Some Ghosts or Pumpkins will give you a hint,. (Just touch them to see what they say!)
3) The Chief of the Rose Garden also knows some hints.
4) You can use RMK SIM group chat when you need help. Group Link: secondlife:///app/group/41460f76-5061-1412-5958-059b4d14ce05/about
5) Make notes! Remember what ingredients you combined to create each recipe.
6) The tickets are transferable so you can trade any duplicates you acquire

See some pictures of the ghosts and other items as well as get more information via the official blog located here.

If you’re still confused after reading this feel free to im me in world (mikayla ares) and I can help ya out 🙂



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