Trenza Stamp Rally

Trenza sim has a fun little stamp hunt going on.

Basically you need to get a stamp hud and wear it and find and click on various stamps (balls) to fill up your hud and get prizes.

When you click on a stamp it will give a hint and slurl to the next one in local chat.

There are a total of 16 to find and are various sizes.

  1. you need to get them in order starting at 1
  2. if you relog or crash you will lose your progress, and have to start all over again
  3. you can not click them from a distance
  4. the hints are bilingual so I suggest using google translate
  5. make a nc with the locations of the one’s you’ve found, cuz its a pain if you crash to find some of them again easily
  6. after you get them all you will be given a slurl to get the prizes, but you will need to find where they are located when you land 😀
  7. you can only get one gift per hud fill (you’ll have to find them again to get another gift)
  8. there’s a total of 7 gifts

Dates: October 31 2013 – September 27, 2013



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