RAWR is bringing back the sweet stuff

Taken from the nc sent by DahliaJames Gossip Girl:

RAWRR! Hey there beautiful people! It’s me Dahlia, and I’ve got some new releases and an update for ya! Before I get to the new releases I wanted to let you all know that all my old brands “!Doux Petit”, “sweet little”, and “Joy.Love” will now be featured in the !Doux Couture store which is directly across from RAWR Revolution at my all new location :]

.RAWR Revolution is replacing !Doux Petit as the face of !Doux Couture and will be the outlet for which I present all my new products.

There is a new mesh dress group gift for subscriber members, lucky cupcake packed with sweet goods, mm boards and super cheap past made goodies from !Doux Petit that will change out after November ends.

Teleport:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Inish%20Sui/143/104/1987


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