7seas Fishing Rally 3

A bunch of Japanese stores have banded together for a fun fishing game.

You will need a 7seas casual or pro fishing rod to participate.

  • Start by fishing in the starting area here till you catch a hud called (7SSR) Stamp Card III, and a stamp called (7SSR) Stamp ○○○○.
  • Wear the hud and the stamp then click the stamp. you can hear a sound and  a picture of the fishing area appears on the hud. (7SSR) Stamp Card III (hud) , you can fish only in the first area.)
  •  Go to the other areas, and fish till you catch a stamp.
  • Repeat until you catch all stamps and all pics on the hud.
  • Click at landing point for a nc with all the stores you need to fish in. (20 stores total)
  • Once you fill up your hud you will need to tp to each store and stand near their 7ssr prize box and click on the letters 7seas on the hud to get your prizes.
  • See pics of prizes here

Dates: October 25th – November 15th


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