Usagi Cafe Fashion Weekend

The Usagi Cafe is having a small weekend event featuring the following events (copied directly from nc by organizers):

– overall hanging out/showing off the avatars~!
– item hunting (THERE ARE 6 GOODIES HIDDEN inside bunnies around the sim (all bunnies are 0l and there are prizes for males and females)
– live music~!!
– maikos and geishas there hanging out with us!
– staff dressed up and serving people, entertaining and serving tea and cake!
– photography service (have your pics taken with your friends by our staff, uploaded to flickr)
– Tea Ceremony by Yoshiwara Okiya
– Winners of friday chosen
– Afterpartying!

– overall hanging out/showing off the avatars again~
– Item hunting again!
– live music~!
– maikos and geishas hangign out there from Yoshiwara♥
– staff again dressed up and serving, entertianing and so on
– photography service.
– Odori preformed by Yoshiwara Okiya
– winners chosen for saturday!
– afterpartying!

Best of Fashion Weekend:
– unisex, winner can be either girl or a boy or other specified gender or genderless.
– There will be three winners each day (top 3).
– works like contest voting system, anonymous voting system.
– people informed through whole time
– winners rewarded
– special items you can only get during this fashion week
– winner photography taken

– for women Geisha Dreams offers a girft card which you can use as store credit and go shopping and select the item you want
– for men a mens traditional fashion store Meiyo will hand out a piece you will be proud to be wearing!

– Maids and Butlers of Usagi Cafe
– Yoshiwara Okiya
–  Various Creators

More information to come and updates about items and sellers/creators and more specific schedule at



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