Alice in RMK 2014

The famously annoying but awesome prizes bunny hunt in the rmk sim is back!  For the first time ever as well there is an Alice in wonderland themed market!  If you’ve never done this hunt before here’s the lowdown!

Also to help with lag make sure to grab your free humpty dumpty low lag low script avie upon arrival by clicking the humpty dumpy statue.

  1. you will be searching for a small gray hopping bunny
  2. bunnies will appear all over the rmk sim
  3. when you find a bunny make sure you don’t ‘t lose sight of it
  4. after a short while the bunny will poop out a ticket and you will need to click it quickly to claim it or else it will either disappear after a minute or someone else will come along and take it
  5. each ticket grants you one prize from the participating stores
  6. once you have a ticket – wear it and go to either their main store or their satellite store in rmk
  7. click on the prize giver which is a book to get your prize (22 diff prizes to get)
  8. once you have claimed a prize your ticket becomes null and void
  9. there are also golden tickets you can pick up that will grant you a prize from any participating store
  10. all tickets come with no copy/no mod/transfer permissions
  11. make sure you’re near the ticket or you won’t be able to pick it up

Dates: March 1st-31st

Start of Hunt:


Stores Participating:

La petite fleur
Down Down Down
Room of AMO
:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
Caco’s Greenhouse
Kyoko Couture
{amiable} (out of hunt)
{REVERIE} (out of hunt)
+Theater Chain+

Official Blogs:


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