Japan Fair 2014

Taken from the official website:


We are very happy to introduce to you “Japan Fair 2014”, a Japanese themed charity event.

This event will be from April 5 to April 20, and we will introduce many amazing creators, artists and entertainers, all from Japan, to the rest of the world..

そして このイベントは世界規模で災害地支援を行っている団体
「Shelter BoX」へのオフィシャルチャリティーイベントでもあります。
当時も活発な支援活動をしてくださったShelter BOXへの寄付という形で
This event is also an official charity event by ShelterBox, an organization that sends aids and supports countries that has suffered from major natural disasters. In 2011, in the midst of the horrible Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, Japan received a tremendous support from all over the world, and we wanted to re-pay this one way or other. ShelterBox was one of many organization that supported us, and chose this wonderful group to work with for Japan Fair 2014 event.

We have an amazing 62 brands joining us for this event.
Not only are there clothings, but jewelries, cars, poses and animations, and many various genres.
We are certain that it will be an amazing event.

ぜひ、現地へ足をお運び頂き 日本の文化を感じて頂きたく思っております。
The SIM has been designed with a traditional Japanese Garden theme.
Each runway shows and entertainments will be performed on a stage built with the theme of “Noh”, a Japanese traditional theatre.
Please stop by our beautiful SIM and explorer the Japanese culture.

There are also a few stores with an unofficial hunt item for freebies, just look for the sign near the entrance to see if there is a hunt item.

Also some stores have free gifts as well.

Find much more info, preview pics of products being sold and show schedules on the official website.

Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Louisiana/165/135/23


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