Trenza Mall Stamp Rally

Dates: May 1st – May 14th


  1. Click on the start kit box
  2. Wear “TSM Stamp Rally HUD”
  3. Get 16 stamps
  4. Once you have collected all 16 you can get one prize from any of the participating stores (6 so far)
  5. Stamp box will only work  in the range of 5 meters
  6. All stamps are in the Sourire Mall areas of the sim
  7. Make sure to click on the first box near the starter kit
  8. If you want to get more than one prize you will need to go back to the start and get a brand new hud
  9. Hunt out the stamp boxes in various parts of the sim and click to get the stamp to appear on your hud
  10. The boxes are small and have store names on them and are located on small wooden tables
  11. I would highly suggest getting enough huds to get all prizes and then attach a hud click a stamp and detach and reattach the next hud and so on, so it will be a lot faster to get them all done
  12. Prize redemption can be found here:

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