Mine Shaft Hunt

Dates: 11/01 – 11/30

Blog: http://hakoniwaevent.blogspot.jp/

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2750120@N23/

Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hakoniwa/213/123/76


How To:

  1. Click on the lady wearing the green outfit to get a hud
  2. Wear hud and allow it to control your avatar
  3. You’ll wanna make a pickaxe by clicking on the property icon on the hud
  4. Head into the mine to start digging
  5. You’ll need to gather ingredients that the npc want to make recipes
  6. There will be various NPC that will have tasks for you to complete
  7. Completing tasks gives you one key to use on any treasure chest you can also dig them up with your axes
  8. You can also click the girl in the mineshaft area to sell your excess goods and the alien to buy goods
  9. Clicking the recipe icon will show you how many you need of each ingredient to make that item
  10. Get by rocks and click to the side of them to get break them for ingredients
  11. Keep clicking till the rock disappears, then go and find more (they are scattered throughout the mine and randomly pop up)
  12. Your axe can break over time (check the properties icon to see the durability of it) and you’ll need to make a new one, also the properties tab will show you how much ingredients you have found
  13. You will need to hunt out some stones to help make your new axe (they are shiny little piles)
  14. Once you have the correct amount of stones and wood to build your axe fix the furnace near the entrance of mine to make a new axe
  15. Once you have obtained a key visit any store in the mall and click on their chest to get their prize (preview pics of the prize are on the chests)

There are diagrams that might explain this for you better inside the entrance of the mine but if that doesn’t and this doesn’t make much sense feel free to im me in world and I can help ya!


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