Best Foot Forward Pt 2 Hunt

Poster - Best Foot Forward Pt2

Be Hunted Presents……

Best Foot Forward Hunt Pt #2
Sept 20 – Oct 4
Application Deadline: Sept. 13

CONTEST: Merchant w/ top vote for best item will win $1000L

A small hunt designed for those that love to create for the hell of it….

Theme: Feet. Shoes. Boots. Socks. Stockings. Tattoos. Toe Rings. Pedicure Props/Poses, Home Goods & so much more..

Think outside the box. In BFF pt I a merchant made a table with feet as the legs..creative yes!

– Items must be NEW, I will check
– All items must be placed on 1st floor of store ONLY!
– Photos ARE required!!!
(no photo, no hunt)

[Apply] –

*all that apply will not be accepted. I will weed out the less serious merchants based on past involvement or lack there of.


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