Curious Kitties Freebies

24 HOURS ONLY! 100% ~~★FREE★~~ 1 Hair  & 2 HUDS!

~ New hair & new color change HUDS!
As a special promotion to say thanks for all the wonderful years Curious Kitties is giving away L$1100 value worth of products totally free!

Hair ~ L$100

Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Pajaz V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – BadGirl V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Gah V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Haru V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Origin V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Lebebe V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Evial V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Eleviash V3
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Kuko V3

HUD ~ L$500
Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Silver Warrior
Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Anime Standard
Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Anime School
Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Slightly Crazy
Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Enchanted Brunette
Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Gorgeous Elf
Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Shiny Chaos



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