*:.:*The Secret Room*:.:* Hunt

*:.:*The Secret Room*:.:* is a monthly event featuring some top notch pose makers.

This round features a lot of Halloween type items, and they also have a free hunt going on for some exclusive prizes.

There are 13 different stores in all and all the keys are transferable so if you get dupes you can easily share and trade to get the missing ones you need.

To get started simply look for blue, pink or purple swirly mini lollipops (they appear randomly all over the sim) and click one to get your key.

Once you have clicked a lollipop a folder will appear with a lm, tp to the store and attach the key and then look for a small door (normally white) and click it to get your prize.

There are also a bunch of cool gacha here and the prizes range from poses to wearables.

Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Natural%20mignon%20Colore/224/79/1111

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