RMK Ghost Magical Academy

prize b rare
prize a rare

RMK is back with another edition of their ghost magical academy game/hunt.

You can get adorable prizes by finding ingredients and making potions and playing games and what not.

  • if you’re not part of the +club rokumeikaN+ you’ll need need to pay 100l for the hud which is needed to get the prizes but since the prizes are transferable (rares are not however) if you have a friend with a hud you can still help them out by planting and giving them the herbs
  • once you get the hud from the trick or treat bag and titler from the other bag attach them boy
  • you’ll need to mix various ingredients to make potions
  • to get the herbs you will need to plant seeds on the various planters around the sim
  • the planters have moons and stars texture on them
  • you will need to click on them when they tell you to until they give you the folder of three herbs
  • you can only use a planter once before someone else has to use it before you can plant again
  • do not look away from the screen for to long, because if you do not click in time you will lose the seeds and need to wait for someone else to use it before you can
  • then attach each herb and click on the pic of it to add it to your hud
  • once you get all three on your hud find the cauldron in one of the store and click it to mix your herbs
  • after that you will need to find mr. chan and click him to clear your hud and get a gold or silver coin
  • after you get 10 coins you can go to the pumpkin gacha machine and click it to get a random prize
  • after you get a coin attach it and click to add the points to your hud
  • you can also purchase coins/potions out right and skip the potion process by buying the different lollipops at the hud giver location
  • you can also do broom flying thru various floating white circle gates to get coins (click the magic square here to fly)
  • there are 13 prizes total with 12/13 being the rare’s pictured above!

Hud Giver: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trollhaugen/165/212/4007

Blog: http://rmkghost.blogspot.jp/2014/09/how-to-lesson.html

P.S. if you’re utterly confused on all this, feel free to im me in world and I can show you what to do 😀


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