Kowloon Carry Event

Kowloon has a new event out to win some carry carts.

You will need to click on the sign at the entrance of the sim to get your point hud, and then click on the white square to get your carry cart to ride.

After you get on your cart, you will need to find the drop off location which will have the same white square as at the landing point and will have the different carts you can win or just buy for 100l a piece.

Not sure how long this event will last so if you like these kind of ride-able vehicles or you could use as decor then hurry on down.

Each colored cart will take 100 points to win. Each cart you bring back to the depot will give various points. So shouldn’t take to many trips to do this!


Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/kowloon/146/28/24


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