Winter Wonder Hunt & Shopping Mall @ Hakoniwa

This is a two-part event. The Shopping Mall is open now, and the Winter Wonder HUNT will begin on Nov 22.

Find a bunch of designs dealing with winter and there’s even a ton of gacha machines!

Also make sure you descript as much as possible as you can not enter the market if you are above 1.00 mb. If you’re unsure what you are at, when you tp and try to go to the market it will automatically tell you what number you’re at.

Shopping Market: Nov 15 – Dec 26
Hunt: Nov 22 – Dec 26

Start of hunt:
Web site:


How to Hunt:

  1. TP and get your English or Japanese hud
  2. Wear the hud and accept the tp from dialog box
  3. Sit on the sit to script check & Teleport
  4. Read through the story that appears on screen
  5. You will need to pick if you wanna be a santa trainee or a youkai
  6. You will be needing to go up to different npc and complete tasks they give you
  7. Each person you choose to be will take you to different parts of the sim with different tasks
  8. Click the guy you see when you have finished the story to get a quick run down on how to use the hud and start the hunt
  9. Click on the jipang icon on your hud to get a mascot to help you complete the hunt
  10. There are four different colored dusts – blue, white, red and green
  11. You need to collect those and put those into a cauldron to assemble items for the different tasks following different recipes
  12. The more you create successful recipes the more recipe pages you’ll get and more items you can make
  13. When you make a good recipe, the item will move to your inventory on hud
  14. Each task will require you to get dusts and make items to get coins
  15. Dusts can be found all over and will be floating stars that you will need to click to obtain
  16. Once you have the right combo of star dusts for the task at hand click on your jar icon on hud and then click on the colored strand of dust from the inventory box to move it to the recipe box then click make once it’s done to see if you’ve been successful
  17. Then visit the npc that gave you the task to get your coins
  18. Once you have 100 coins head down to the mall and click on any prize picture to get your prizes

If you’re confused on any of this, please im me in world and I can help you out if you need 🙂



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