Sola Market Hunt

This hunt is all in Japanese, but if you don’t speak it don’t worry you can still get all the prizes.

  1. Get hud from sign board at start point here
  2. Wear hud and sit on flying carpet that rezzes
  3. Click on either the green or yellow arrow on hud and then click the dice
  4. The number you roll will determine how many spaces you go forward or backwards
  5. Keep clicking the dice to go throughout the sim and you will get prizes along the way
  6. Click on the word get on the hud to see how many prizes you have collected
  7. There are 33 total prizes to win and at least one that i know of secret special prize that is trans
  8. When you reach the goal simply go back to the start point and detach and reattach the hud to get your carpet back and rinse and repeat the above steps, till you have all the prizes!
  9. This ends on January 11th, 2016.




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