MISAKI Festival

There is a small market here with some freebies, lucky boards, gacha and a small hunt: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/weekly/174/86/3001

  1. Click either beige vending machine to get a hud and then wear it
  2. Go down into the subway and walk through the ticket gate to get your first stamp
  3. Ride the train or click on the blue teleport pad to get to the market area
  4. Go through the ticket gates to get another stamp
  5. Then you will want to wander around and find and click on the various human and cat npc you see to get a numbered stamp on your hud
  6. Once your hud is filled go to the prize exchange room and sit and then click the lady after 20 seconds to get a random prize
  7. There are 20 different prizes to get and you will need to get a new hud once you’ve gotten a prize and repeat the process before you can get another
  8. Also each person will give you a different number which will give you a different prize






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