Pumpkin of Panic – Trick or Treat Hunt


The Pumpkin of Panic event is officially open!

For a complete bilingual (English and Japanese) guide to the hunt, see my blog here.

In short, the hunt consists of knocking on doors that are adjacent to each shop stall. Trick or treat at the SIM every day to collect all of the hunt prizes!

  1. Each day (beginning at 9 am SLT), only a certain number of those doors (typically two) will open. The prizes are free for that day only. If you miss getting a day’s door have no fear, you can purchase them the next day for 50l.
  2. When the door opens, a text input box will appear via script in the upper right corner of your screen. Enter “trick or treat” into the box to get your prize.
  3. There are tons of shop stalls (three levels of them, to be exact), so knocking on all of the doors every day isn’t an efficient strategy. Fortunately, the event creators are kind enough to offer hints about which doors to knock. These hints can be found around the SIM.
  4. In the example below (which is for October 1st), the posters indicate that you should knock on two doors:
    • One of these doors belongs to a shop that “is lined,” that has decorative ghosts, and that sells pumpkin carriages.
    • The other door belongs to a shop that has a Japanese decoration motif, sells hair, and sells its wares in delicious looking boxes.


Happy Hunting!

– Nadjanator


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