Curious Kitties Pumpkin Bash 2017


  1. Wear one of the FREE hammers *you can get a bunch free near the giant pumpkin*
  2. Click on one of the vines with a star mark to stand
  3. Left click on the giant pumpkin until it breaks open
  4. When it breaks open you get a random prize
  5. Don’t stand idle for to long though, as you will fall off the vine
  6. Check out Ameshin’s YouTube channel for a video how-to and to see the prizes you can win:
  7. There is a total of 22 different prizes to win

★16 players can bash at a time.

★Sometimes a rare event happens where the pumpkin will turn black, if you smash it open while its black you’ll get an extra special black colored prize.

★ There are also special hammers you can purchase, to make your bashing go faster

  • Enchanted Golden Pumpkin Crusher Hammer – L$100

With this hammer you have a 90% chance of smashing the pumpkin on the first hit.
The hammer is powerful, so it breaks after using the magic.

  • Angry Pumpkin Hammer –  L$100

With this taunty hammer you have a 100% chance of turning the pumpkin black.
This makes the pumpkin angry, so it breaks after using the magic.




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