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Kiyomizu Bon Odori LB Festival


In celebration of the Obon Festival in Japan, Kiyomizu is holding a Bon Odori (Bon Dance) festival in-world, where you can win dozens of summer and Obon-themed prizes from lucky boards. There’s also a small market and a bunch of freebies and cheapies. (Check out the loads of free poses at the A&R Heaven booth!)

To be eligible for the lucky boards, all you have to do is sit on one of the poseballs that is rotating around the center stage. (The poseballs bear the text “Join in LB” over them.) Your avatar will perform the Bon Odori dance. After 120 seconds have passed, you’ll get a message in local chat that you’ve joined in “LB Members.” You can then access the lucky boards. Note that some of the lucky boards have more than one prize!

The event runs from August 6 to August 21.


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From the people who brought you Rin-Ne and Ubume comes another summer Japanese horror event: Kagami 2017. Like last year’s Ubume event, Kagami 2017 features both a market with all manner of horror and Japanese festival-themed goods and an immersive HUD-based role-playing game with multiple endings (and oh-so-many ways to die).

The game will start on August 12, but starting today you can enjoy the market and win some mini-prizes from the festival-themed games that are sprinkled across the mall.

The event runs from July 17 to August 28.

Official Site: KAGAMI 2017

Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/kagami_secondlife/pool/

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hakoniwa/146/189/3501

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CADERU Valentine 2017


Cupid’s in crisis at the CADERU 2017 Valentine Market & Hunt!

From February 1st, 2017 to March 3rd, 2017, you can enjoy a Valentine-themed market with lucky boards and a fun game with 20 prizes from all of the vendors. For a preview of the prizes, check out the official site.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clover/249/249/2526

Quick Start Hunt Guide

  • In the market area, there are two pairs of double doors that lead to the hunt area. Teleport through either pair.
  • There are two game HUDs. One is for catching floating hearts in the courtyard, and the other is for collecting stamps in the forest. To get the first HUD, talk to Cupid and click the sign behind her.
  • You need to collect 100 hearts in the courtyard. Once you’ve collected all of the hearts, you’ll need to proceed to the forest.
  • Click on the copper mug to get the second HUD. You need to find 20 heart-shaped objects in the forest. Each one will give you a stamp that corresponds to one of the 20 merchants. You can redeem those stamps for prizes by clicking on the prize claim sign at each booth back at the market.

For a comprehensive guide to the hunt, please see my blog post.

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SOULEIADO 3rd Anniversary Event


In celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the SOULEIADO SIM, 17 designers have come together to offer you a market with new, exclusive, and discounted items; gachas galore; and several lucky boards!

This event runs from January 20th to February 15th, so you have plenty of time to explore and win some prizes. See the official event site for a complete list of participating merchants, and check out my personal blog for details about the merchandise.

SLURLSOULEIADO 3rd Anniversary

LBs from Petit Chambre, !eve4!, and OLQINU

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Alice Project


In anticipation of Halloween, Alice Project is having their annual Halloween Massacre Special, where you can grab a free blood-splattered hairstyle with three color packs every day through Halloween. Each hairstyle is free for one day only; if you want to pick up a hairstyle from a past date, it will cost you L$50 (which is a small price to pay for three color packs).

New hairstyles are added at roughly noon SLT.

TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Illusory/164/129/3997

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Halloween Hunt @ Snow White


The Japanese skin and clothing store Snow White is having a store-wide mini-hunt for the month of October. There are four tiny pumpkins hidden in the store and the surrounding area (including the little house next to the store). Buy them for $L0 each to get a full witch outfit, a preview of which is shown on the store blog.


For hints about where to find these tiny pumpkins, head inside the store and click on the hunt sign to get a notecard. (Don’t worry, the hints are in English!)

Happy Hunting!

~ Nadjanator

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Pumpkin of Panic – Trick or Treat Hunt


The Pumpkin of Panic event is officially open!

For a complete bilingual (English and Japanese) guide to the hunt, see my blog here.

In short, the hunt consists of knocking on doors that are adjacent to each shop stall. Trick or treat at the SIM every day to collect all of the hunt prizes!

  1. Each day (beginning at 9 am SLT), only a certain number of those doors (typically two) will open. The prizes are free for that day only. If you miss getting a day’s door have no fear, you can purchase them the next day for 50l.
  2. When the door opens, a text input box will appear via script in the upper right corner of your screen. Enter “trick or treat” into the box to get your prize.
  3. There are tons of shop stalls (three levels of them, to be exact), so knocking on all of the doors every day isn’t an efficient strategy. Fortunately, the event creators are kind enough to offer hints about which doors to knock. These hints can be found around the SIM.
  4. In the example below (which is for October 1st), the posters indicate that you should knock on two doors:
    • One of these doors belongs to a shop that “is lined,” that has decorative ghosts, and that sells pumpkin carriages.
    • The other door belongs to a shop that has a Japanese decoration motif, sells hair, and sells its wares in delicious looking boxes.


Happy Hunting!

– Nadjanator