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Kagami 2017



Mall: July 17 – August 28
Game: July 29 – August 28
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There are a few games scattered around the mall to, to win prizes such as the dogs above and an apple avatar. Instructions will be given in Japanese and English, and the games are very simple. So click or there is signs near the games to explain.

More info to come later on the game so check back!





Freebies, Hunt

Kiyomizu Treasure Hunting Summer 2017


The ninja kitty is back for more hide and seek fun.

Simply hunt him out in the various stores that have the hunt banner out front and click on him to get your free gift.

Some stores have their gift in their main store, and you’ll know when you get there if it is so as the banner will give you a tp.

Also the banners will tell you how many cats are hidden there.