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NIPPON koku Sim Christmas Market

This is the same marketplace as the Halloween, I posted not to long ago, (that has the tiny teddy bear avies) but now she has made it into a Christmas market. Find tons of cute little Christmas goods for sale and gacha to play.

Dates: December 10th – January 15


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.: Aniava :. Pumpkin Hunting

Dates: October 16, 2016 (Sun) ~ October 31st, 2016 (Mon)

  1. Grab your free hud from clicking the how to hunt poster
  2. Wear the hud
  3. Click the floating pumpkins around the sim
  4. There are some pumpkins with faces that are worth more and some that will subtract from your total
  5. The regular pumpkins are worth 1 point and the boss varies in points
  6. The hud will display how many points you have
  7. Each prize needs a certain number of points to get which is displayed near the prize
  8. After you have enough points click on the point board in front of any prize to get it


There is also some Halloween themed items for sale here and a coupla gacha.


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GUARAN-DOU Halloween mini HUNT + Market

There is a small market here and a free mini Halloween hunt.

How to hunt:

  1. Grab your free hunt hud from the witches cauldron and attach it
  2. Search in the dark forest and sweets forest for the materials a witch would use (you can find the tp to these areas in the area where you get hud)
  3. Click the left handle on the cauldron on the hud to get hints for all the items
  4. There are 12 total items to find – 5 in the dark forest and 7 in the sweets forest
  5. Click when you find one of the materials to add it to your hud (you can only get each material once per hud)
  6. Some of the materials you encounter will be fakes (you can check local chat to see if its a fake or not and if you picked it already)
  7. Once you find all of the items, head back to the the witch and click any of the prizes to obtain them
  8. Each prize needs 3 materials
  9. Hunt Dates: October 11th – November 5th
  10. Teleport:


Hunt Prizes









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Donguri Caravan



This is an awesome mall with some cute avatars from Risusipo who is best known for her chipmunk avatars that you could find at the Wizard of Oz sim.

There is some freebies here for humans and three lucky boards one including a special version of her tiny bear avatar and two that have pandas to go with the panda avatar.(they are transferable minus the avatar and set to a 5 minute timer)

There is also a bear gacha here on sale for only 5l for a complete tiny bear avatar and an outfit gacha for the avies for only 3l per play and a scarf gacha for humans for only 1l per play.

Other avatars here for sale for pretty cheap and there is a little market set to open in October.