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Golden Rooster Costumes

Out for a limited time, you can win these adorable costumes on lucky boards.

They are only for the tines pictured below! (Edit: there is now a costume made for the beetlebones hamster avies)

Hamster avatars are part of a gacha you can play here:

The rest of the tinies pictured below, can be purchased at the teleport link below the pictures.

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CK Fukubukoro 2017

Every year around New Years, people in Japan, will visit select stores to buy fukubukoro’s aka lucky bags. Each bag is valued 2-3 times the cost of buying all the items separate from the bag at once.

Curious Kitties is back again with more fun fukubukoro bags to snag for a limited time, and because its the year of the Rooster, she even has free rooster particles you can pick up.

Check out all the bags soon, as I’ve no clue when they will be gone.



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GUARAN-DOU Stamp Rally



  1. join the free group: secondlife:///app/group/11c7b366-509b-3063-a7d2-63fd0060de23/about
  2. click poster that has the pink word start on it
  3. wear the hud
  4. go to the various LM in the hud folder and look for a stamp stand
  5. touch the stamp stand within 60 seconds after touching HUD and wait for the stamp to appear on the hud
  6. return to the main store and touch the goal panel within 60 seconds after touching the stamp card
  7. a message will appear after that, please touch again within 2 minutes to get your prize


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MadPea Advent Calendar

MadPea sim is having its first ever Advent Calendar featuring 25 top notch sl designers.

Each day a different designer will be giving an exclusive gift.

The advent calendar costs 1000l, and can be purchased any day during the month.

You can get past day’s gifts, but future gifts will only be available on that day.

All gifts are either unisex or one for males and one for females.

You can also gift the calendar to a friend.

The calendar comes in a hud version and a decor one for your home.

Check out the website daily to see what that day’s gift is/was.


Buy Calendar: