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Kiyomizu Bon Odori LB Festival


In celebration of the Obon Festival in Japan, Kiyomizu is holding a Bon Odori (Bon Dance) festival in-world, where you can win dozens of summer and Obon-themed prizes from lucky boards. There’s also a small market and a bunch of freebies and cheapies. (Check out the loads of free poses at the A&R Heaven booth!)

To be eligible for the lucky boards, all you have to do is sit on one of the poseballs that is rotating around the center stage. (The poseballs bear the text “Join in LB” over them.) Your avatar will perform the Bon Odori dance. After 120 seconds have passed, you’ll get a message in local chat that you’ve joined in “LB Members.” You can then access the lucky boards. Note that some of the lucky boards have more than one prize!

The event runs from August 6 to August 21.


~ Nadjanator

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SOULEIADO 3rd Anniversary Event


In celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the SOULEIADO SIM, 17 designers have come together to offer you a market with new, exclusive, and discounted items; gachas galore; and several lucky boards!

This event runs from January 20th to February 15th, so you have plenty of time to explore and win some prizes. See the official event site for a complete list of participating merchants, and check out my personal blog for details about the merchandise.

SLURLSOULEIADO 3rd Anniversary

LBs from Petit Chambre, !eve4!, and OLQINU

~ Nadjanator